BioProfiling is a free web portal for analyses and interpretation of biological data of various natures. BioProfiling host a collection of analytical and data mining tools to compare several gene lists, to analyse a gene list and to validate clinical relevance of a gene or several genes.

Google scholar profile

BioProfiling is well established portal that has been used by many groups for analyses of "omics" data. Please see BioProfiling google scholar profile .

Compare several Gene lists

BioProfiling can find functional association between gene lists. If you have several gene lists suppose to be functionally dependent (i.e. genes related to the same biological phenomena that differentially expressed, hypo/hyper methylated, mutated, amplified/deleted and so on) but have small (insignificant) number of common genes then BioProfiling can be used to validate functional dependence between your lists. More details can be found here

Gene list

BioProfiling provides you comprehensive analytical toolkit for the interpretation of a gene list. In one submission your gene list will be profiled in respect to almost all available information regarding gene function, interactions and pathway relationships. More details can be found here

Clinical Relevance

BioProfiling host a number of data mining tools (to mine large scale clinical gene expression data) to support clinical relevance of your gene , miRNA or group of genes. More details can be found here